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Blockchain Governance: De Facto or Designed?, co-authored with Darra Hofman, Quinn DuPont, and Ivan Beschastnikh, in Building Decentralized Trust: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Design of Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers (ed. Victoria Lemieux and Chen Feng), Springer (2021).

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Contributor to Michel Rauchs et. all, Distributed Ledger Technology Systems: A Conceptual Framework, Report from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, August 2018.

In Code(rs) We Trust: Software Developers as Fiduciaries in Public Blockchains in Regulating Blockchain. Techno-Social and Legal Challenges, (eds Philipp Hacker, Ioannis Lianos, Georgios Dimitropoulos & Stefan Eich), Oxford University Press, 2019.

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Crypto Miners as Intermediaries (in progress).

 Blockchain Emergencies & Open-Source Software Governance: Is ‘Rough Consensus’ a Suicide Pact? (in progress)

 Communication Problems & Systemic Risk: How Imprecise Language Could Taint System-Wide Decisions on Blockchain Technology (in progress).

Locating “Process” in Cryptoeconomic Systems (in progress).

 What is Public Information in Crypto Systems? (in progress).

Rethinking Digital Assets as Commodities (in progress).

Systemic Resilience & Chartalist Theories of Money (in progress).